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AGE: 21
JOB: Student
LIKES: Boy bands, Skipping, Daydreaming, Text Messaging, Vlogging
EXPERIENCE w/ TECH: Cellphone is attached to the hand indefinitely. 

Janice is a 21 year old junior in college. She loves puppies and kittens, cooking, listening to pop music, and skipping around in fair weather. She is an average student with a 3.14 grade point average. Janice loves using her smart phone for EVERYTHING: calendars, games, notes, recorder, instruments, maps, fake light sabers, flash lights, and etc. Janice can even text while she drives, while keeping both hands on the wheel! She loves going to school every single day, but horribly detests finding parking on campus since she also loves to sleep in. If Janice doesn’t arrive by 7:30am every morning, she will be forced to circle around the campus parking lots fighting and praying for a spot to open up. Seeing how she usually arrives to campus minutes before her classes starts (and coming earlier to campus at the expense of a couple minutes of sleep is unacceptable), Janice needs an application to help her find a parking spot quicker in order to make it to class on time so she can graduate and lead a successful life.  Enter the mySpot application.


AGE: 63 years young
JOB: Professor with tenure
LIKES: Jazz music, Classical music, Museums, Biophysics conferences, Travel
EXPERIENCE w/ TECH: Dang these kids and their newfangled eye phones and facespaces! 

Carl is a 63 year old professor teaching at Janice’s college. He has a PhD from Harvard and received fellowships and honorary degrees from various prestigious schools all around the world from his travels in his golden days. He specializes in Bio-molecular Genetic Engineering and Post Bi-pass Heart Transplantation Surgery Kinesthetics, and enjoys recreational polo on the side. Even though Carl is unparalleled in the knowledge of  biophysics and an exquisitely well traveled citizen of the world, he is completely clueless with the modern day advances in technology and detests all the “crazy little sounds and beeps and updates and customizations and whathaveyous” that are all the craze with the “younger peeps”. For Carl, advancements in technology are just ways for big brother keep tabs on you. Carl is also a conspiracy theorist. However, what Carl hates even more than technology is his inability to find parking during high traffic times on campus. Enter the mySpot application.

App Proposal

Team “Phil and the Archinauts” (Adam Welker and Norman Ai)

Problem: How often has this happened to you; you’re late for class, and frantically trying to locate a parking spot on campus. It seems like every lot you try is already full! If only there was a way to know how many parking spots were available at each lot in order to save time, gas, and sanity.

Enter: mySpot, the app that helps you park.

mySpot uses a familiar interface to locate your current position using GPS.

mySpot can then identify parking lots in the vicinity with vacant spots. The app displays this data in a simple, easy to read manner.

By zooming in further, mySpot shows a view of the layout of the parking lot with occupied and empty spots highlighted. (We’re imagining a pressure-sensitive chip to supply this data; similar to those in Japanese parking garages.)

Depending on availability, with mySpot you can even view a live webcam feed of the parking lot to show the current weather conditions. (Or just for funsies!)

mySpot, available soon from the iTunes App Store.

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