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App Proposal

Team “Phil and the Archinauts” (Adam Welker and Norman Ai)

Problem: How often has this happened to you; you’re late for class, and frantically trying to locate a parking spot on campus. It seems like every lot you try is already full! If only there was a way to know how many parking spots were available at each lot in order to save time, gas, and sanity.

Enter: mySpot, the app that helps you park.

mySpot uses a familiar interface to locate your current position using GPS.

mySpot can then identify parking lots in the vicinity with vacant spots. The app displays this data in a simple, easy to read manner.

By zooming in further, mySpot shows a view of the layout of the parking lot with occupied and empty spots highlighted. (We’re imagining a pressure-sensitive chip to supply this data; similar to those in Japanese parking garages.)

Depending on availability, with mySpot you can even view a live webcam feed of the parking lot to show the current weather conditions. (Or just for funsies!)

mySpot, available soon from the iTunes App Store.

Design 674; Adam & Norm

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